18th January 2024. India Corporate Governance Day at The Royal Bombay Yacht Club.

Morning session: The Development and establishment of a corporate governance structure, roadmap, and framework

Afternoon session: The Development and establishment of a CSR/ESG  structure, roadmap, and framework

Approximate timings due to the online nature and the Q/A sessions at the event
Timing Topics/Speakers
9:30 – 10:00 Registration and refreshments
10:00 – 10:05 Welcome Remarks
10:05 – 10:25

Recommendations on Corporate Governance

  • The Role, Responsibility and Accountability of the Corporate Governance Committee
  • Hard law (COMPLIANCE)  and Soft law (GOVERNANCE) and their implications

Advisor Legal & Compliance at Param Pujya Swamiji Advisors 

10:45 – 11:05

Evolution of Corporate Governance in India

  • From the confluence of Risk Management, Sustainability and Technology
  • To lessons from Cosmology and Particle Physics and
  • Intelligence Augmented Governance

SHAILESH HARIBHAKTI, Chairman, Shailesh Haribhakti & Associates

Coffee /Tea Break
11:15 – 12:15

Accountability to stakeholders, risk management, and corporate culture 

  • Directors and executives are engaged and understand the organisation regarding the critical aspects of risk management, privacy and data protection, digitalisation, and cyber security with the skills and resources to assess the potential risks
  • Founders’ ability to control that derails the entire corporate governance system with succession planning to step away with dignity.
  • How to appoint and engage a healthy mix of executive and non-executive directors with diverse components.
  • The role of independent directors in performance evaluation, the benchmark for director appointment; results of the board evaluation are made public.
  • Appointment and the removal of independent directors and avoid tick-the-box exercise for paper compliance—Independent directors stand up for minority interests. Stakeholders interact with the board, pose questions, and stand the test of stakeholders’ scrutiny at general meetings: remuneration policies are transparent and require shareholders’ approval.
  • Empowerment of independent directors for accountability and avoiding complacency due to lack of enforcement action.
  • Implementing and assessing a risk management policy and framework which spells out fundamental guiding principles and practices for mitigating risks in day-to-day activities

Each  speaker will make a 5-minute presentation on the subject matter, followed by a panel discussion 

Moderator: Atul Juvle, Schindler India Pvt. Ltd, General Counsel, Compliance Officer & Co.Sec. India & South Asia

12:15 – 12:30

Acquiring governance controls in a company for prudent  management

  • Converting negative to positive regulatory control covenants 

Biju Subramaniam, CGM, Lead Enforcement Department, Securities and Exchange Board of India

12:30 – 12:55

What are the current corporate governance challenges and priorities to ensure the results of governance practices?

  • Explicit or implied deals between the stakeholders and the company for the distribution of rights, duties, rewards and responsibility among stakeholders.
  • Procedure for proper control and oversight of information flow in the company, operation and the checks and balances.
  • Strategies for resolving and adapting conflict of interests and opinions of different stakeholders.
12:55 – 1:45 Lunch Break. FOCUS ON India CSR/ESG ISSUES
1:45 – 2:05

How to Integrate ESG/CSR Activities In The Business Strategy

  • How can companies formulate CSR activities within the ESG framework?
  • How can ESG develop a CSR/ESG roadmap and framework?
  • How can companies provide more transparency and accountability for their ESG reporting?
  • Identify the strong correlation between disclosures and performance.
2:05 – 2:25

The oversight and managerial responsibility of CSR/ESG issues: The board of directors and senior management

  • The organisation and evaluation of the CSR/ESG  implementation, execution and monitoring
  • Assessment of the CSR/ESG results by the board of directors and the executive management
2:25 – 2:45

Corporate Social Responsibility/Environment Social Governance/Whistleblower components of Corporate Governance in India

  • The policies, procedures and processes for transparency and accountability

Sachin Mishra, Head Legal & Company Secretary, Tata Consulting Engineers Limited

2:45 – 3:00

Tea/Coffee Break

3:20 – 3:40

Developing Impactful Net Zero Technologies & Community-Based Strategies

Case Study: Agricultural Issues & Its Detrimental Environmental Effects. Mitigating Methane And CO2 Emissions Through Regenerative Technologies.

Case Study: From Waste To Resource – Transforming Wastelands And Landfills

Case Study: Water is an essential nutrient and resource; Utilising Natural Microbes To Remediate Contaminated Water

3:40 – 4:00


The identification of risks, compliance, transparency, accountability and performance management in Corporate Governance and ESG/CSR issues

  • How to Present The Impact Of The Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance Programmes

All speakers

4:00 – 4:30 Closing, Networking and Final Q&A. Drinks and tapas after the event at The Royal Bombay Yacht Club
*Conference Program is subject to change. The conference language is English