The Copenhagen Compliance Group is one of Europe’s oldest conferences on Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Data Privacy, Data Protection, and IT and Cybersecurity issues.

The Corporate Governance Institute by Copenhagen Compliance would like to call for papers, research and speakers for the multiple annual events on Corporate Governance components like CSR/ESG, Whistleblowers, IT Governance, antiBribery, Corruption and The Board of Directors/Management Accountability, Liability and Responsibilities. At each event, workshop and conference, we have provided a generic description of the topics we will cover and the highlights of the yearly topical and timely concerns. Therefore, please refer to the current agenda/program to inspire your topic and subject matter.

We are looking for GDPR, GRC and IT security decision-makers, managing directors, board members and C-Suite managers who are end-users to share your practical knowledge and exchange ideas and learn about the newest GRC and IT security trends and innovations in corporate governance regulatory compliance, training and development, GDPR, GRC and IT security software.

Our events are a networking highlight for GDPR, GRC and IT security decision-makers, managing directors, board members and C-Suite managers. Each month global GDPR/GRC and IT Security enthusiasts and specialists attend the meeting to exchange ideas and to learn about the newest GRC and IT security trends and innovations in regulatory compliance, training and development, and GDPR/GRC software, IT tools and essential GDPR/GRC and IT-Security services.

We are explicitly looking for speakers and submissions on:
• Scan the horizon for the emerging global Corporate Governance issues!
• Addressing the global Corporate Governance, Legislation, Rules and Mandates.
• How to overhaul current governance/compliance processes and systems to ensure streamlined, automated, and integrated compliance with local and global standards.
• How can businesses develop a Corporate Governance, GDPR/GRC matrix to evaluate, monitor and communicate value in digitisation and data transformation?
• Roadmap to successful navigation in the sea of Corporate Governance, GDPR/GRC risk management with a roadmap and framework
• Visionary Corporate Governance, GDPR/GRC e-learning concepts to monitor compliance.
• Implementing an innovative IT Governance platform for digitisation and data security issues
• Realisation of value on IT Governance for digitisation and data transformation stewardship
• Conducting lawful and efficient global forensics and investigations
• How to create or build a central control and reporting systems that indicate how your organisation behaves in a principal-oriented environment
• How to effectively supervise the internal and external audit function for certification, seals, and audit independence.
• Looking through the periscope of global Whistleblower, CSR/ESG, anti-bribery, fraud, and corruption development

At the Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars will conduct fireside chats and parallel sessions on Ethics and Integrity, IT-Security, CSR/ESG, anti-Bribery, Fraud and Corruption. Hands-on Financial Compliance workshop, Emerging Risks. etc.

We pledge to provide the board of board, directors, management, auditors and Corporate Governance, GRC, and IT security officers and professionals with the opportunity to discuss the current Corporate Governance, GDPR/GRC and IT challenge and share ideas and information to develop new strategies with colleagues and experts. In addition, the annual conference will further guide the right amount of due diligence on the GRC components to prevent or limit future corporate calamities.

We would like to hear from professionals & speakers for Corporate Governance, GDPR/GRC and IT presentations. Vendors, advisors and Consultants must be partners. Please submit your proposals to

We look forward to receiving your suggestions!