Consequences of COVID is here to stay for a while before it is business as usual

Businesses must continue to adapt to respond and customise the challenges of COVID-19. All companies must continue to identify the changed tasks, adjust the approach to reflect the changing circumstances during these unprecedented times. Our encouragement focuses firmly on enabling innovation as gone are the days when GRC, IT security or data protection regulation was seen as a blocker to innovative business processes to address the limitations and exceptions that reflect COVID reality.

What has the pandemic asked of your business processes

Throughout the COVID-19, we have been offering guidance and practical support on Governance, Raik Management, Compliance, IT and Cybersecurity issues in general and data protection questions in particular:

Start with the answers to questions on issues like working from home or

  • Collecting customer details for contact tracing
  • Testing staff for coronavirus.
  • How to innovate or do things differently
  • How does the stakeholder trust in the use of their personal data play a role in their overall confidence and support for your services?
  • How does digitisation implementation like Artificial Intelligence or the use of genetic data comply with the GDPR and other mandates
  • How can management support departments to improve the protection of children’s online data
  • How has the new operating environment changes the processes on data -transfers, -sharing and accountability.
  • Has hacker extraction of data from the mobile phones affected your employees?

The Corona dust is probably not going to settle down soon. Therefore, most companies have to focus on the economic recovery plans; however, with the right regulatory approach management can take into account the necessary increasing operational resilience as well.