Directors Dialogue on the Russian sanctions on the 22nd of March 2022 from 14:00 to 16: 30 CET.

Fireside chat on the sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine invasion

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the war puts all companies in complex dilemmas, with a series of hotspots, one replacing the next. We can now also see a pattern where EU companies need serious compliance and crisis management to comply with the sanctions, which probably are here to stay for a while. Mitigating sanctions risk is a corporate priority.

All companies need to comply with the Corporate Governance components, and the public demands quick decisions, even though a lot is uncertain and unpredictable. So, the time pressure on the company’s board of directors and management is enormous.

  • Many companies are reducing activities in Russia to keep the opportunity open to start up again. However, in Russia, supply chains and logistics security is threatened for all companies, even domestic enterprises.
  • Most companies are also treading carefully in their communication. It is a tough dilemma between the West’s demands to boycott Russia and Russia’s threats of nationalization and harassment of local management and employees.
  • All companies and everyone must increase their cyber preparedness, and large global companies at the same time must pursue a foreign policy.

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