Good Corporate and IT Governance issues are applicable no matter where in the world you are located.

We offer helpful and practical advice based on our global Governance regulations with our international partners. As a one-stop-shop, we can guide & help you to focus on your core business while efficiently preparing your staff with the knowledge of the new implications of implementing the Corporate Governance mandates. The Corporate Governance Institute is part of the Copenhagen Compliance Group®, the global GRC, Data Protection, Data Privacy, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and IT Security think tank and solutions provider. We focus on advisory, training, and certification for individuals, professionals, and companies. As a privately held professional services firm, the mission is to advance the corporate ability to govern across the borders, sectors, geography, and constituency. The primary aim is to help companies and individuals achieve integrated Corporate Governance components that unlock the organisation’s automation, digitisation, ethics, cultures, and value by optimising Corporate Governance automation thru templates, roadmaps, & frameworks. Please write to to start a dialogue on how we can improve the corporate ability to govern across the mandates, regulations and the soft law to create corporate values and improve performance.

  • What We Do

  • Who can benefit

  • Key differentiator

  • Designing, Development and Deployment of Good Corporate Governance, GRC, Data Privacy, Data-, IT- and Cyber Security, Consultancy, Training Courses, Certifications & Advisory Services

  • CxO, BoD, Senior Managers Internal Audit Managers. Compliance Managers

  • The Corporate-Governance Institute is a premier training, consulting, audit, and assessment organisation working on GRC, Information Security, and Data Privacy. Our emphasis is on ‘hands-on’ skills, practical exercises, cases and examples

  • Open and in-house seminars, workshops, and courses

  • Board of Directors, Senior Executives in the Corporate Governance domain

  • Modular and Customised Course Design is often based on global governance standards

  • – Online On-site Campus Training
    – Advisory
    – Individual and corporate certification

  • CxO, BoD, CxO, Compliance managers, Executive Directors and GRC Managers, Internal and External Auditors

  • Implementation methodology, models, step-by-step approach

  • Staff Awareness and E-Learning certification courses in Corporate Governance

  • CxO, BoD, CxO, Compliance Managers, Project Managers involved in Good Governance issues

  • High focus on experiences and IT-Security

  • – Skills Assessments
    – Training Consultancy to help identify the actions you need to meet internationally recognised best practices

  • CxO, BoD, and Project Managers that participate In Good Corporate Governance, GRC, and Sustainability projects

  • Corporate Governance, Roadmaps, Frameworks and Technology-enabled advisory

  • Training in combination with implementation as a trusted advisor and partner; GAP analysis

  • For individuals with some Corporate Governance experience who want to qualify in global Corporate Governance, compliance issues

  • Faculty with extensive Corporate Governance expertise

  • On-site assessments, analysis, and health checks to evaluate the organisation’s policies, processes, procedures, and plans

  • Industries looking to invest in training, competencies, and skills development in the total framework of all Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT Security components

  • Need-based, Tailormade and customised courses, seminars, and workshops

Certification: Our Corporate Governance code-of-conduct certification mechanism provides a platform for Individuals, board of directors’, CxOs, and Companies, with certification seminars, courses and masterclasses to ensure a structured and efficient means for Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, IT- and Cybersecurity, Compliance.

The Corporate Governance certification mechanisms based on our roadmaps and frameworks create business opportunities and third-party compliance, enhance performance and effectively document and demonstrate compliance.

For more information, please call +45 2121 0616 / +91 9920801838 or write to