Directors Dialogue

The quarterly Directors Dialogue improves the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and senior management by using the concept of compliance- and risk intelligence

The Directors Dialog events encourage the directors and the management team to deliver best practices for new topical and timely issues, e.g. The Russian Sanctions, New legislation and the data transformation components of IoT, Big Data, 5G, Databases, digitization, and cybersecurity

Select The Corporate-Governance Institute training and certification because

  • Instructors have 20+ years of professional development experience that support Risk and Compliance components
  • A global approach, online/virtual and classroom training options
  • Robust and structured methodology with roadmaps and frameworks
  • Professional support before, during, and after classes
  • Schedules expanding to the latest Governance, Risk, Compliance, IT security and Data Privacy areas
  • One-stop access to all training materials, blogs, analyses and reports
  • Toolkit with policies, tools analysis and templates are provided.
  • Dedicated individual and corporate education planning for skills development and schooling logistics
  • Exercises, for study or discussion during each training
  • Certification exam(s) consisting of 40-60 multiple choice questions
  • CPE points