The ten Corporate Governance Centre of Excellence objectives are:


  1. Continuously enhancing and managing the global suite of Corporate Governance Policies and supporting effective embedding within the businesses.
  2. Continuously raising the Corporate Governance bar and enhancing the vision, strategy and operational execution of the overall CoE function
  3. Building a solid and collaborative relationship globally with Corporate Governance colleagues at Corporate Center as well as the global community
  4. Advising Corporate Governance colleagues and global practice groups in identifying and effectively mitigating Corporate Governance risks, maintaining and embedding group policies and guidance, and influencing local business policies to ensure relevant Corporate Governance requirements are reflected
  5. Providing leadership for the Corporate Governance Centre of Excellence team and ensuring relevant global practice groups are identified and operating effectively
  6. Enabling and supporting Corporate Governance colleagues and global practice groups to provide high-quality advice and challenge while supporting the business in managing Corporate Governance risks
  7. Delivering training and targeted communications to meet identified Corporate Governance requirement needs regionally and locally
  8. Keeping abreast of relevant laws, rules and regulations to ensure the Global Corporate Governance community fully understands the regulatory expectations and support the business to respond appropriately
  9. Ensure subject matter expertise is provided to the global community of GRC Officers on accountability, transparency and other key Corporate Governance in initiatives.
  10. Collaborating with experts in Group Corporate Governance, Group Legal, Group Risk and Group Audit to ensure an aligned and efficient approach


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CoE Objectives