Corporate Governance Certification Masterclass

The Corporate Governance Institute provides corporate insights into the world of online learning and professional development at multiple levels.

In a fast-pacing, technology-oriented world, the ever-increasing need to be updated on the many (Governance, Risk Management, GDPR, Bribery, Fraud Corruption, IT and Cybersecurity, CSR, ESG, to name a few.) Compliance mandates, The Corporate Governance Institute provides the options to integrate business, regulatory and technical knowledge to support the continued professional education.
The Corporate Governance Institute provides a flexible online e-learning and classroom certification masterclass solutions platform, with access to pre-reading education and insight material available so that you can get it at your own pace, any time you want. Students have the luxury of choosing a time of their convenience to go through school coursework on the multiple components of Corporate and IT Governance and related Risk Management, Compliance (GRC), Bribery Fraud and Corruption (BFC), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) components. All our online certification masterclass seminars are divided into five levels. We also conduct monthly classroom courses for the most popular eLearning courses and a customised training class for your organisation.
1What is the Foundation Certification?
The Foundation Masterclass course is a program to prepare the participant to get all the essential information and groundwork on the subject in question. The Foundation level of proficiency gives a comprehensive introduction to the subject matter at an implementation level. Each slide in the presentations has notes and speak at the beginning of each chapter. The Foundation level certification masterclass is also suitable for all professionals who want to get the basic knowledge on the compliance subject. Consultants and project managers involved in any corporate activity with the desire to get information on the various applications, systems and guidance on that particular subject matter can also start with the Foundation level. All our masterclass events include a practical understanding of the Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT security components and implications for the organisation as a common denominator. And finally, the Foundation certification masterclass will attain the correct level of qualifications and skills to pursue the next level of qualification, i.e. the Officer level.
2What is the Officer Certification?
The Officer level Masterclass Course focuses on the role and responsibilities of the Compliance Officer. The participants are CxO, DPO, Data Controller or Processor, Compliance Officer, Risk Officer etc. who wish to get a wide-ranging knowledge to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Besides information on the role and responsibilities, the Officer masterclass course addresses the challenges, issues and solutions for the role and responsibilities for the particular compliance position. The course relates to the importance of compliance to provide direction to other CxO level Officers in the organisation with specific practical knowledge on how to identify, conduct, perform, document the Officers profession. There are additional exercises in the course and supplementary chapters that provide the cross-organisational interactions of the Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT security consequences for the organisation. And finally, the Officer exam and certification will achieve the appropriate level of qualifications and competences to pursue the next level of certification, i.e. the Practitioner level.
3Practitioner Certification

What is the Practitioner Certification?

The Practitioner level of the Masterclass course concentrates on the systems, application and execution methodology of the subject matter. The participants will gain the knowledge and skills to implement, maintain and monitor, an effective compliance program that also includes the components of IT Governance and Risk Management. In addition to the execution and supervising aspects of the subject matter, participants will also receive the legal features how each regulatory compliance element is translated into controls and how the principles work in practice, including the policies and procedures for an effective compliance program. You can sign up for the Practitioner (Certified Expert Practitioner) certification seminar after completing the Foundation (FAS) and Officer certification. The Practitioner certification seminar has approx. 250 slides, 15-20 chapters, 10-15 case studies and workshops.
4Professional reinvent

What is Professional Certification?

The Professional level of Masterclass certification includes areas like IT- and Cybersecurity, data resilience, and enterprise-wide risk-based strategies to manage threats, dangers and impact on the integrated implementation performance, and safeguarding the corporate assets. The masterclass seminar further provides the participants with the GRC components of stakeholder implications, processes and requirements for the continued and growing dependence on the changing scope of digitisation, information, communications, and security practices. Due to the increased systematic and online stakeholder engagement, compliance issues must focus on technology and the consequences of non-compliance. The seminar also focuses on transparency, accountability, codes of conduct and audit mechanisms to improve the compliance and risk management efforts. The Professional certification includes case studies to demonstrate best practices & methodologies and how to prepare a comprehensive corporate compliance plan for the subject matter with global mechanisms for compliance.
5Director reset

What is the Director Certification?

The Director level of Masterclass certification assembles the executive role and responsibilities related to the corporate impact assessment and disclosure responsibilities on GRC, Data Privacy, Data Protection and IT and Cybersecurity subject matters internal and external reporting to senior management and the board of directors. The primary focus is on the organisations’ performance, risk management, compliance and the charge of the company’s business as seen by the stakeholders. The globally oriented, syllabus is based on components and operational decisions on GRC and IT security strategies, and how to meet the statutory obligations in an intuitive Compliance program including the liability issues and concerns.
In each of the five masterclass modules, we provide pre-reading material and exercises so that participants can relate to the presentation's action points as required to complete a holistic implementation of all Corporate Governance components.
We provide a complete implementation execution and monitoring methodology that includes scenario planning exercises and systems from several angles with a grand design that ensures corporate manoeuvring that provides the best possible compliance propositions to all stakeholders.
Our hands-on approach to the practicalities of the Corporate Governance program execution will provide a monitoring blueprint with a design as well as a game plan so that all participants after the course will be able to plan the implementation project, write all policies and procedures so that the organisation can document and demonstrate compliance to the Board, Management, Oversight authorities and all stakeholders.