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The Copenhagen Compliance® group has since 2005 conducted Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops. Later we added IT and Cybersecurity and sin 2015 Data Privacy/Data Protection (GDPR). At each event, we will explore the topical and timely hot topics reaching across all industries. In 2021-22 we consider the pandemic-related challenges, the current risk landscape, regulatory commitments, and stakeholder expectations on Good Governance.

We offer cutting-edge thought leadership so that companies soon can go back to the “business as usual” mode to focus on the fundamental issues regarding cybersecurity, supply chain resiliency, digitisation, oversight compliance, and backups post the GRC impact of COVID-19. We are looking for Directors, Managers, Officers and Professionals on the subjects who are hands-on practitioners. Speaker proposals from all service providers must related to a partnership/ sponsorship opportunity. For more information about speaking or sponsor opportunities, please contact us at meeting@e-compliance.academy

    Our annual hands-on Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, (GRC) IT-Security, Data Privacy and Cyber Security Days are training and awareness solutions that have a unique ability to deliver solutions, cases, checklists on a particular GRC, GDPR or IPC subject. The subject focuses on leveraging tools and techniques as a customised unified platform for a one-stop-shop for Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, (GRC), GDPR, IT-and Cybersecurity Privacy and Cyber Security (IPC) training. The annual GRC, GDPR and IPC days reflect the corporate agility to innovate and provide stakeholders with a performance-driven knowledge and solution that helps keep staff updated, inspired and safe online while demonstrating compliance with all stakeholders, including the stringent global regulatory requirements.